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Presentations and handouts provided at Kids Care Center trainings and conference presentations.
Data Entry Due Dates 2020-21 - 21st CCLC.pdf
1/19/2021 12:19 PMCindy Heislen
Data Entry Due Dates 2020-21 - SAC.pdf
1/19/2021 12:49 PMCindy Heislen
Instruction Manual-Trouble Shooting Guide Rev 6-2020.pdf
6/30/2020 1:04 PMCindy Heislen
Instructions for Certifying APR Reporting.pdf
3/7/2017 12:47 PMCindy Heislen
Instructions for Entering Student Grades (Rev 2-2018).pdf
6/30/2020 12:51 PMCindy Heislen
Instructions for Inactivating Students.pdf
1/11/2017 1:23 PMCindy Heislen
KCC Monthly Data Entry Webinars for 2019-2020.pdf
9/20/2019 1:25 PMCindy Heislen