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DESE's Announcements: 21st CCLC Evaluation/Guided Reflection Update


21st CCLC Evaluation/Guided Reflection Update


January 22, 2020: As indicated previously, your guided reflection/evaluation process is delayed. The challenges that caused the delay have been resolved and things are now quickly moving forward. The Missouri AfterSchool Network (MASN) has sent an update to each of your evaluators letting them know how to proceed at this point and when they can expect their data, etc. At this time, we are anticipating data going to them around January 31 and then possibly conducting virtual calls with you instead of in-person meetings if that helps the process move forward for both parties. As for the due date that your guided reflection will be due to DESE that will be determined once we know exactly when the data will be going to your evaluators. In the coming weeks, please watch the portal for further announcements on the new due date. We apologize for the delay and appreciate your patience. Please know that we do not expect these challenges and delay to occur in next year’s process.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call our office.
October 29, 2019 portal posting:
Please note there was an unexpected delay in gathering necessary data for the 2018-19 guided reflection/evaluation reports. Therefore, the deadline is being extended until somtime in January. We anticipate the data being ready to go to your evaluators in mid to late November. Once that occurs, programs will have eight (8) weeks to submit the report to DESE. We will send out an exact January due date once the data is going out to the evaluators. Please share this information with your evaluators so they are aware of the delay and due date change.
August 21, 2019 portal posting:
Please see the message below from Terri with the Missouri AfterSchool Network (MASN) regarding a delay in the report data.
Due to the significant increase in the documentation to be reviewed, the data needing to be calculated, and changes to the report formatting, we are slightly behind schedule sending the data reports to you and your external evaluator for use in the 2018-19 Guided Reflection external evaluation. 
At this time, we anticipate having the reports by August 30th.  Most evaluators were planning to schedule the face-to-face meetings in mid- to late-September so we anticipate that most Guided Reflection documents will still be completed and ready for you to submit to DESE by 10/15/19.  We do not want to delay the submission date so that you and your ARE have as much time as possible to create your program level Quality Action Plans.  Thank you for your patience.
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