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DESE's Announcements: Seeking Statekholder Engagement Taskforce for the Afterschool Evaluation Framework


Seeking Statekholder Engagement Taskforce for the Afterschool Evaluation Framework


Every five years, the Afterschool Evaluation Framework goes through a revision process.  As part of the current revision cycle, the Missouri AfterSchool Network (MASN) will be facilitating a stakeholder engagement process to provide the opportunity for staff, program leaders, community partners, state leaders, and others to learn about and contribute to the revisions that will be in effect for 2023-2028.  


MASN is looking for a small group of stakeholders (~10-12) to provide leadership to the stakeholder engagement process.  This Stakeholder Engagement Taskforce would meet monthly from January 2022-August 2023 to provide direction to the feedback to the revision process.  This group will help pick the topics, questions, and formats for gathering feedback from site staff, program directors, state leaders, and others about the content and process of the afterschool evaluation framework revisions.  Members of the Stakeholder Engagement Taskforce may help to facilitate focus groups, give updates on the monthly directors’ calls, and contribute to presentations about the Afterschool Evaluation Framework.


The Stakeholder Engagement Taskforce meetings will be held on the second Monday of the month from 1-2:30 p.m.


If you would like to nominate yourself or someone else to serve on the Stakeholder Engagement Taskforce for the afterschool evaluation framework revision process, please complete this short survey.  MASN is looking for a variety of program types (e.g., 21st CCLC, SAC, fee-for-service, CBO, rural/urban/suburban, etc.) and program leaders (e.g., single site directors, multi-site directors, full time directors, dual roles such as also principal, also teacher, also superintendent).  


If you choose not to volunteer, or if there are a large number of nominees and you are not selected, please know that there will be multiple opportunities to contribute to the content of the revisions for the Afterschool Evaluation Framework.  We anticipate having surveys, focus groups, and conference workshops throughout the next 18 months.  This Stakeholder Engagement Taskforce will operate like an advisory group to the revision process and ensure that there is a variety of opportunities for stakeholder input.​





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