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DESE's Announcements: ​Kids Care Center – Clarification on Changes


​Kids Care Center – Clarification on Changes


Please share with your KCC data staff.

Several changes have occurred to the federal 21st CCLC reporting process that have altered some of the pick list options when creating activities for your program in Kids Care Center (KCC).  

We recognize that many of you offer activities related to STEM.  Since STEM has never been an official subject for 21CCLC—your options are math and science—we have not added STEM as a subject.  Current state and federal reporting requires grades for math and science classes as well as MAP scores that reflect separate math and science components. This actually aligns better with your outcome reporting since school day classes and grades most often reflect math and science separately.  Note: when you assign an activity as a math or science subject, KCC will count it as STEM for any purposes where STEM reporting is necessary.  The category you should select for STEM activities should be ‘academic enrichment’ or homework help or tutoring or some combination of those categories.  

Many of the other category classifications have been removed by the Federal Department of Education or they retitled them for easier data analysis purposes.  

We also realize it is confusing to have a list with items indicating “do not use”. This is because historically data was tied to those items and to just remove them now since they are no longer applicable would actually remove historical data associated to those. 

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. 




Created at 9/22/2022 12:51 PM by Cindy Heislen
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