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Funding Ideas (old and new): Audioconference on Funding for Children, Youth and Family Services


Audioconference on Funding for Children, Youth and Family Services


Tapping New Federal Funding for Children, Youth & Family Services <>

Thursday, January 26th -- 2:00 to 3:30pm Eastern Time

CD Recordings of the event are also available to those unable to join us live.


With calls for reduced federal spending growing louder this election year, 2012 could be challenging for those seeking funding for programs for children and youth, as well as a wide range of other social services. But, regardless of the outcome, there will still be millions of dollars in discretionary grants available, though stiff competition means more knowledgeable and informed grantseekers should have the upper hand.

Join us for this 90-minute audio conference chock full of "insider" details about traditional funding sources, as well as expert advice about how to tap into non-traditional "outside-the-box" funding streams.

Our Inside Scoop On 2012 Funding Will Give Grantseekers Like You The Edge

This unique event is designed to give you a leg up in applying for 2012 funding, by providing expert guidance to help you understand and take advantage of the funding elements embodied within the 2012 federal budget.

Here's Just Some Of What You'll Get:

* An in-depth review of primary federal funding sources for children and family programs such as those at the Agriculture Department, the Education Department, Health & Human Services, the Department of Housing & Urban Development, the Labor Department;
* A detailed examination of lesser known – virtually hidden – federal funding sources for social programs, including Homeland Security, the Transportation Department, the Commerce Department, the Environmental Protection Agency, the National Endowment for the Arts, the Corporation for National & Community Service, and many others.

Plus, we'll provide you with the latest "behind the scenes" updates on an array of funding opportunities, including programs such as:

* Head Start
* Child Care & Development Block Grant
* Title I Education
* Special Education
* Race to the Top
* Investing in Innovation
* Street Outreach
* And so much more!

Ample Time Included To Address Your Organization's Specific Concerns

To ensure we fully discuss the topics you want to know about, you can even email us in advance with your questions and our speakers will be sure to address them. Or ask your questions "live" during the Q&A portion of the audioconference. We'll make sure there's plenty of time - and opportunity - for you to do that.

Special Bonus: If you still have questions after the audio conference, you can contact our presenters for up to 30 days after the event and they'll be happy answer your questions at no additional charge -- just another benefit of a CD Publications audio event.

All This For One Low Fee

Whether you're an experienced grants specialist or beginner, Tapping New Federal Funding for Children, Youth & Family Services will provide critical insights that can give your staff the upper hand in seeking federal funding in 2012. For just $189, you and your entire team can gather around one speakerphone and benefit from this information-packed discussion. No airfare, no hotel costs, no missed days of work.

Here's How to Register:

* Register online at
* Call our Service Department toll-free at 1-800-666-6380
* Email us at

But don't wait too long to register -- Space is limited to ensure all attendee questions can be answered live!

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