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No. The data is still needed for reporting purposes.
Yes. Do not share your user name/id and passwords.  A user name/id and password may be obtained by contacting John Shively.
You do not need to enter a user id and password when trying to open some forms.  Simply click on the cancel button, repeatedly, until it goes away.  The form will open in the background eventually.
When you open the Excel document for the Teacher Survey (stored under the "on-line reporting" tab in DESE Portal) it will ask you to enter a user id and password.  This is NOT necessary.  Simply click on "cancel" six times.  Around the third time the document will open in the background but you must continue clicking on cancel until the pop-up window goes away (about three more times).
The Missouri AfterSchool Network (MASN) has hired John Shively to provide all technical assistance and training related to Kids Care Center. You may contact him at: 816-686-0850 or  (His contact information may also be found on the "contacts" tab in the Portal for Kids Care Center.)