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Fall Program Data Entry Guidance - Fall 2020


With the uncertainty brought about by COVID-19, we have added a feature to Kids Care Center to track activity delivery methods.

We have set up a radio button feature Labeled Activity Delivery Method with the following options:
In-person Delivery
Virtual Delivery
Combination Delivery (hybrid with both in-person and virtual components).
This is a required toggle feature (only one option may be selected) with a default to In-Person Delivery. Note: you may have to reset some of the initial activities created if they are not currently in-person.
Should circumstances change (school closures or openings) and the delivery method changes from one type to another, you need to create a new activity—just as you did last spring.




Created at 9/2/2020 2:49 PM by Cindy Heislen
Last modified at 9/2/2020 2:53 PM by Cindy Heislen