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National Training: 21st CCLC National Training - Procedure

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21st CCLC National Training - Procedure

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CCLC grantees may attend ONE national training each grant year. The training must have 45-day prior DESE approval and must pertain to 21st CCLC and/or Afterschool Programming. In order to request the 45-day prior approval, grantees must complete and submit the National Conference Request Form found in the Portal under the Procedures and Report Forms tab.
DESE will allow up to three people (representing the entire grant/project/entity, not each site) who will be able to take back pertinent information to share with all applicable staff. 

You may find a list of national trainings (not all inclusive) here in this portion of the DESE Portal -- under the "national training calendar". All national trainings, whether posted on the Portal or not, require the 45-day prior approval process.

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