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Hidden Postings - How To Find Them


Please be aware that each tab in the Portal can only display so many messages, links, etc. directly on the page you are viewing.
However, if you scroll to the bottom of a column, such as the DESE Announcements column, you may see (More
Announcements...).  This means there are more announcements to read than what are currently displaying.  Just click on (More Announcements...) and you will be given a full list of all posting titles in that column; you can then just click on the title you want to know more about.  If you do not see (More Announcements...) at the end of a column, then everything that has been posted is currently displaying.
Additionally - if you are looking for a posting that you saw previously but can't locate now, it is possible the message expired.  Most expired messages will temporarily remain in the DESE Portal but not on the page you are viewing.  To find a complete listing of all postings in a particular column (including those that have expired), just click on the purple heading bar directly at the top of each column -- a complete list of posting titles will display.  You can then click on the posting title to open the text. 
Please note:  postings will be cleaned out a couple times each year so some expired messages may be permanently removed at these times.




Created at 7/28/2010 11:30 AM by Cindy Heislen
Last modified at 7/28/2010 11:30 AM by Cindy Heislen