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 Program-RelatedMesothelioma - Talking To Children About Cancer 10:09 AM
 Program-RelatedBirth Injury Justice CenterBirth Injury Justice Center5/13/2021 1:33 PM
 Program-RelatedKnow Your DNAKnow Your DNA9/8/2020 1:52 PM
 Program-RelatedDrugs, Medications & Other Substances (Addiction Group)Drugs, Medications & Other Substances8/5/2020 3:55 PM
 Program-RelatedYou for Youth (Y4Y) 8:55 AM
 VendorsMindWorks Resources 2:00 PM
 Program-RelatedAbsences Add Up 7:38 AM
 Program-RelatedAddiction Resource 12:24 PM
 Program-RelatedQuick Science Videos-Steve Spangler!&utm_content=Steve+Spangler+Links&utm_campaign=Zoo-Nique9/19/2016 10:11 AM
 Program-RelatedThe Science of Speed 10:10 AM
 Program-RelatedChoose My Plate 12:19 PM
 Program-RelatedBest Practices - Where Can I Find Them 3:12 PM
 Program-RelatedWhat Works Clearinghouse - Research Based Best Practices 3:12 PM
 Program-RelatedDoing What Works - Research Based Best Practices 3:11 PM
 Program-RelatedQR Codes for Learning 10:34 AM
 Program-RelatedMobile Technology 9:10 AM
 Program-RelatedMissouri Professional Development Portalhttp://www.MOPDPortal.org11/9/2011 10:11 AM
 Program-RelatedStemfinityhttp://www.stemfinity.com11/9/2011 10:10 AM
 Program-RelatedChild Lures Prevention-Think First and Stay Safe 10:56 AM
 Program-RelatedSEDL Afterschool Training Toolkit 9:11 AM
 Program-RelatedFirst Day of School Americahttp://www.firstday.org11/11/2008 3:17 PM
 FinancialSustainability Planning Workbook (The Finance Project) 1:01 PM
 Program-RelatedMissouri Regional Professional Development Centers (RPDCs) 12:56 PM
 Program-RelatedNational Science Foundationhttp://www.nsf.gov4/10/2008 11:44 AM
 Program-RelatedSupplemental Educational Services (list of resources and technical assistance) 9:25 AM
 Program-RelatedEnglish Language Learners (Free Download) 9:24 AM
 Program-RelatedScience:  21st Century Afterschool Science Project (CASP) Model 9:22 AM
 Grant OpportunitiesGoldman Sachs Foundation Youth Prize for Excellence in International Education 12:34 PM
 Grant OpportunitiesTarget Arts in Education grants make art exhibitions, classes and performances more affordable and accessible for families by funding programs that bring arts to schools or school children to the arts. 12:32 PM
 Grant OpportunitiesImproving Literacy Through School Libraries Grant 1:12 PM
 Program-RelatedChild Nutrition 9:57 AM
 Grant OpportunitiesT-Mobile in the Community 9:49 AM
 Grant OpportunitiesCommunity Improvement Grants from Hamburger Helperhttp://www.myhometownhelper.com3/1/2007 9:48 AM
 Grant OpportunitiesGrants to Public Schools to Purchases Books & Reading Materials 9:45 AM
 FinancialMaking Smart Investments in Afterschool: A Policy Primer for State and Local Leaders 11:55 AM
 FinancialSustaining Your Afterschool Program - What Works and How Policymakers Can Help 11:54 AM
 Grant OpportunitiesMTV Offers Grants and Scholarships to Latinos for New and Creative Ideas for Afterschool Programs 11:52 AM
 Grant OpportunitiesImproving Literacy Through School Libraries 3:20 PM
 Grant OpportunitiesComing Up Taller Awards - President's Council on Arts and Humanities 8:43 AM
 Grant OpportunitiesHewlett Packard Technology for Teaching Grants 8:42 AM
 Grant OpportunitiesGeneral Mills Foundation - Champions for Healthy Kids 8:40 AM
 VendorsNational Inst on Drug Abuse - Science Based Drug Abuse Education 11:18 AM
 Program-RelatedHealthy Lifestyle Choiceshttp://www.hlconline.org1/26/2007 8:33 AM
 Program-RelatedSchool Beverage Guidelines 1:26 PM
 Program-RelatedMissouri Foundation for Health 1:24 PM
 Grant OpportunitiesGrants Alert: Classroom Grants 1:04 PM
 VendorsEdventures Learning Lab 1:01 PM
 Vendors10% discount on all afterschool supplies for all Afterschool programming.  You MUST use the code: A4A.http://www.discountschoolsupply.com1/22/2007 1:00 PM
 Program-RelatedYouth Development Credential (YDC) 12:57 PM
 Program-RelatedAMBER Alert Web Portalhttp://www.amberalert.com1/22/2007 12:52 PM
 Program-RelatedAfterschool Training Toolkit: free online toolkit for Afterschool; developed by the National Partnership for Quality Afterschool Learning. 12:51 PM
 Program-RelatedNutrition and Obesity: Ways to enhance children's activities and nutrition. Includes "WeCan!" an obesity prevention program. 12:50 PM
 Press Releases/StudiesAll 14 women Senators Urge President Bush to increase federal Afterschool funding. Bipartisan group of women Senators send letter to Bush. 12:47 PM
 LegislativeThe Library of Congresshttp://thomas.loc.gov1/22/2007 12:42 PM
 LegislativeCode of Federal Regulations 9:49 AM
 LegislativeMissouri House of Representatives 9:48 AM
 LegislativeMissouri State Senate 9:47 AM
 LegislativeU.S. House of Representatives 9:47 AM
 Grant OpportunitiesGoGirlGo! Grant - dedicated to the development and funding of girls' sports/physical activity programs that combine athletic instruction with delivery of educational information aimed at reducing risky behaviors.http://www.womenssportsfoundation.org1/22/2007 9:46 AM
 Grant OpportunitiesYouth Visions for Stronger Neighborhoods Grant 9:42 AM
 Grant OpportunitiesService-Learning 9:41 AM
 Grant OpportunitiesLowe's Toolbox for Education Grantshttp://www.toolboxforeducation.com1/22/2007 9:40 AM
 Grant OpportunitiesGrants Alert: Classroom Grants 9:39 AM
 Grant OpportunitiesGrants Alerthttp://grantsalert.com1/22/2007 9:36 AM
 Grant OpportunitiesSearch through thousands of foundations and grant opportunities for your educational organization.http://www.fundsnetservices.com1/22/2007 9:34 AM
 Grant OpportunitiesOver 1000 grant programs offered by all Federal grant-making agencies.  The US Department of Health and Human Services is the managing partner for 9:33 AM
 Grant OpportunitiesNational Institutes of Health: Grants and Funding Opportunities 9:27 AM
 FinancialThe GTECH After School Advantage Program is a national community investment program, which provides non-profit community agencies with state-of-the-art computer labs. 9:07 AM
 Grant OpportunitiesThe Louis R. Cappelli Foundation has primary focus in three specific areas: education, health, and fitness and arts education. 9:05 AM
 Grant OpportunitiesThe Family and Youth Servcies Bureau (FYSB) - open funding opportunities 9:03 AM
 Program-RelatedYouth Todayhttp://www.youthtoday.org1/22/2007 8:25 AM
 Program-RelatedSt. Louis For Kidshttp://www.stlouis4kids.org1/22/2007 8:20 AM
 Program-RelatedPromising Practices in Afterschoolhttp://www.afterschool.org1/22/2007 8:04 AM
 Program-RelatedOPEN Inititativehttp://www.openinitiative.org1/22/2007 8:02 AM
 LegislativeNational League of Citieshttp://www.nlc.org1/22/2007 7:31 AM
 Program-RelatedNutrition - National Dairy Councilhttp://nationaldairycouncil.org1/22/2007 7:29 AM
 Program-RelatedNational Clearinghouse on Families and Youthhttp://www.ncfy.com1/22/2007 7:28 AM
 Program-RelatedMissouri Afterschool Resource Center (MOARC part of state Network) 2:53 PM
 Program-RelatedMentor's Online Communityhttp://www.mentoring.org1/19/2007 2:52 PM
 Program-RelatedJCPenney Afterschool 1:58 PM
 Program-RelatedHealthy Schools, Healthy Youth 1:56 PM
 Program-RelatedChild Nutrition Programs: Summer Food Service Program 1:24 PM
 Program-RelatedService-Learning Students' Guide & Journalhttp://www.ServiceLearn.com1/19/2007 1:18 PM
 Program-RelatedSchool Meals 1:17 PM
 Program-RelatedU.S. Nutrition Assistance Programs 1:16 PM
 Program-RelatedGateway to 21st Century Skillshttp://www.thegateway.org1/19/2007 1:15 PM
 Program-RelatedDo Something-Young People Changing Our Worldhttp://www.dosomething.org1/19/2007 1:13 PM
 Program-RelatedAfterschool Snack Program 1:10 PM
 Program-RelatedAction for Healthy Kidshttp://www.ActionForHealthyKids.org1/19/2007 1:09 PM
 Program-RelatedEDGAR - Education Department General Administrative Regulations (for grant recipients) 2:10 PM
 FinancialEDGAR - Education Department General Administrative Regulations 2:09 PM
 FinancialComing Up Taller Awards. Recognizes accomplishments of exceptional arts and humanities in afterschool programs.http://cominguptaller.org1/17/2007 2:02 PM
 Program-RelatedThe Finance Project.  Finance, sustainability, and promising practices initiatives.http://financeproject.org1/17/2007 2:01 PM
 FinancialThe Finance Project.  Finance, sustainability, and promising practices initiatives.http://financeproject.org1/17/2007 2:01 PM
 FinancialJCPenney Afterschool Fundhttp://www.jcpenneyafterschool.org1/17/2007 1:58 PM
 FinancialForecast of funding opportunities under the Department of Education Discretionary Grant Programs for fiscal year (FY) 2007. 1:56 PM
 FinancialTemporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF-Missouri) 1:50 PM
 FinancialHow to apply the principles and practices necessary to sustain an initiative. 1:47 PM
 FinancialBarnes and Noble Funds K-12 Projects 1:46 PM
 Program-RelatedMissouri AfterSchool Network (MASN)http://www.moasn.org1/10/2007 2:28 PM
 Program-RelatedNational Partnership for Quality Afterschool Learning provides assistance, training, and tools to help local programs build capacity to enhance learning in the afterschool hours. 2:58 PM
 LegislativeU.S. Senatehttp://www.senate.gov12/29/2006 2:53 PM
 Grant OpportunitiesThe NEA Foundation: Grants 2:53 PM
 FinancialFoundation Centerhttp://www.fdncenter.org12/29/2006 2:50 PM