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 DESE Announcements - Directly Related to Grant Award

Payment Requests in June 
by Cindy Heislen
 6/7/2022 1:29 PM

We would appreciate your assistance with submitting payment requests in June. Even if you still have programming continuing throughout June, if at all possible, please submit any payment requests you can to date. You can then submit another payment request...

21st CCLC Summer Symposium - Registration Open 
by Cindy Heislen
 6/6/2022 1:29 PM

The U.S. Department of Education (the Department) is pleased to announce that registration for the Nita M. Lowey 21st Century Community Learning Centers (21st CCLC) 2022 Summer Symposium is now open!

This three-day event provides State education agencies...

by Cindy Heislen
 5/17/2022 2:06 PM

PLEASE be sure you are downloading the 22-23 continuation reports that were revised and reposted on the portal. You should have received notice from your ARE and postings on the Portal announcements about this situation. The budget pages were revised...

SAC Payments Update 
by Cindy Heislen
 5/11/2022 8:04 AM

SAC grantees only: if you experience a message in the ePeGS system saying payment pending or anything else similiar, please continue with your submission of any payment requests to get your grant dollars spent down. DESE is aware of this and has it...

21st CCLC Continuation Report - NOW CORRERCTED AND READY  
by Cindy Heislen
 5/10/2022 12:51 PM

The 21st CCLC continuation report for 22-23 is now reposted on the Portal. You may complete the form and submit by the deadline of June 10. We apologize for having to remove it. Please note the change on the budget page for the fees for quality...

SAC Continuation Report 22-23 - READY 
by Cindy Heislen
 5/4/2022 8:25 AM

The SAC continuation report for 22-23 is now reposted on the Portal. You may complete the form and submit by the deadline of May 20. We apologize for having to remove it yesterday. Please note the change on the budget page (page 12) for the fees for quality...

by Cindy Heislen
 5/3/2022 2:28 PM

URGENT. The 22-23 SAC and CCLC continuation reports have been taken down. It appears that the form review ​team copied one grant budget design into the other grant's budget therefore causing wrong dollar amounts for the Quality Improvement Resources,...

Your Week 
by Cindy Heislen
 4/28/2022 8:58 AM

Happy Afterschool Professionals Appreciation Week! ​Thank you to each and every one of you for EVERYTHING you do for your children, families, community and all things afterschool for our state and field around the country. We appreciate each...

2021-22 Evaluators 
by Cindy Heislen
 4/11/2022 12:20 PM

The portal is now updated with the certified external evaluators for the 2021-22 school year selection. Please go to the middle column in the procedures and report forms tab.​

Submission of Payment Requests (Non-LEAs) 
by Cindy Heislen
 4/11/2022 9:56 AM

​For all 21st CCLC grantees who are not LEAs (either a community or faith based organization) who has to complete the payment request form, please be certain you ONLY email the form to the email address listed in the bottom right corner box of the form. 

Monitoring Schedule 
by Cindy Heislen
 3/1/2022 2:34 PM

The 2021-22 monitoring schedule has now been posted in the Portal under Procedures and Report Forms tab (go to middle monitoring column to find the list). ​

Virtual STEM Symposium - March 1 
by Cindy Heislen
 2/22/2022 9:36 AM

The Missouri Afterschool Network (MASN) is hosting a virtual STEM Symposium on March 1 from 9:00AM – 3:00PM CST. The STEM Symposium will feature workshops from national presenters on STEM equity and inclusion, the engineering mindset, and...

DESE Applications Sign-In Change 
by Cindy Heislen
 2/16/2022 8:36 AM

DESE is excited to announce the release of the new DESE Applications Sign-in ( DAS website. It introduces additional features and an updated user experience. Effective, February 15, DAS replaces the DESE Secured Web Application Logon...

ESSER III and 21st CCLC Cohort 13 - Update 
by Cindy Heislen
 2/14/2022 10:03 AM

We are still waiting on Legislative budget approval on ESSER III federal relief dollars. Until we know if/when they approve those dollars we can't make any decisions on cohort 13 or timeline. We realize this is frustrating and we apologize. It might be...

Continuation Reports 
by Cindy Heislen
 2/8/2022 12:36 PM

We are currently revising the 2022-2023 continuation reports for current 21st CCLC and SAC grantees. We anticipate these to be ready in early March with a late April deadline. Please continue watching here for updated announcements.​

Grantee Report Forms Updated 
by Cindy Heislen
 2/8/2022 10:45 AM

Many of our forms have now been updated and reposted here on the Portal under the "Procedures and Report Forms" tab. Please be sure you are using the most current version of these forms.​

Seeking Statekholder Engagement Taskforce for the Afterschool Evaluation FrameworkAttachment 
by Cindy Heislen
 2/8/2022 10:02 AM

Every five years, the Afterschool Evaluation Framework goes through a revision process.  As part of the current revision cycle, the Missouri AfterSchool Network (MASN) will be facilitating a stakeholder engagement process to provide the opportunity...

DUNS and UEIs 
by Cindy Heislen
 1/7/2022 1:59 PM

On April 4, 2022, the U.S. Department of Education will join other Federal agencies and transition to utilizing new Unique Entity Identifiers (UEIs) for grant recipient and applicant organizations, rather than the previously utilized DUNS numbers. The...

Final Payments This School Year-CAUTION 
by Cindy Heislen
 12/6/2021 12:18 PM

This message is for school districts only., either SAC or 21st CCLC LEAs.

As you get closer to the end-of-year and requesting final payments please do NOT submit a payment request and also your FER within the same week of each other. Remember FERs can...

21st CCLC Cohort 12 Awards Announced 
by Cindy Heislen
 10/28/2021 8:23 AM

The 21st Century Community Learning Center Grant Recipients for the 2021-2026 have been announced. For a list of current recipients and past recipients you may visit our Approved Programs page:

Approved Programs | Missouri Department of Elementary...
DESE Staff Changes!! 
by Cindy Heislen
 10/8/2021 1:34 PM

Please see the following changes to the DESE Afterschool Staff Team:

1) Kim Wolf is retiring. Her last day working will be Wednesday, October 20.

2) Cheryl Pickett has taken another job outside of DESE. Her last working day will be Thursday, October...

DESE Update 
by Cindy Heislen
 9/23/2021 8:55 AM

Here are two important updates for all current grantees, from DESE, you must be aware of:

1) You received a DESE Important Updates and Changes email from your ARE in early September and it was also posted here in the Portal. PLEASE READ and make the...

DESE Afterschool Program - Important Updates and ChangesAttachment 
by Cindy Heislen
 9/1/2021 3:28 PM

Please see the attached detailed information pertaining to changes as a result of our move into the new Office of Childhood. If you have questions, please feel free to contact your assigned DESE afterschool supervisor. ​

Fast Five Fridays 
by Cindy Heislen
 8/31/2021 10:36 AM

We will not be distributing the monthly Fast Five Fridays for September or October 2021 due to our Extended Learning Section's transition into the new Office of Childhood. We hope that we can continue the Fast Five Fridays later in the year. ​

Rubric DocumentationAttachment 
by Cindy Heislen
 5/11/2021 3:16 PM

The Missouri AfterSchool Network (MASN) has asked us to distribute this e-mail to make sure all grant directors have received it.  If you have questions, please contact MASN at the e-mail address below.

  • The e-mail below was sent by Alicia...
(More Announcements...)

 Other Announcements

MASN End-of-Year Satisfaction Survey 
by Cindy Heislen
 5/3/2022 9:05 AM

The Missouri AfterSchool Network conducts an end-of-year satisfaction survey to collect input and results on how they might improve their work with programs. This survey should be released soon. Please take a few minutes to complete the survey. ​

STEM Peer Learning Community (PLC) 
by Cindy Heislen
 4/29/2022 8:07 AM

The goal of the 2022-23 STEM Peer Learning Community (PLC), supported by a grant to MASN from the Million Girls Moonshot (MGM) initiative, is to equip afterschool educators with the tools to facilitate effective learning in STEM. The PLC will focus on...

Child Care Advisory Group - Survey 
by Cindy Heislen
 4/29/2022 8:01 AM

Each month the Child Care Advisory Group (CCAG) meets with representatives from the Office of Childhood and other state departments to discuss concerns related to licensing, subsidy, Child Care Relief Funds, etc. You can help this group to elevate the...

MOSAC2 2022 Request for Proposals 
by Cindy Heislen
 4/29/2022 8:00 AM

Request for Proposals is now open for the 2022 MOSAC2 PDI. If you are interested in presenting, see additional information at:Qualtrics Survey | Qualtrics Experience Management

Afterschool Ambassador Program 
by Cindy Heislen
 4/29/2022 7:58 AM

YOU are an afterschool expert and you have a story to tell! Policymakers need to hear from you as we work to make quality afterschool programs available to all Missouri children. MASN is currently accepting applications for the 2022 class of the Afterschool...

DESE Afterschool Job Opportunity 
by Cindy Heislen
 3/2/2022 8:22 AM

DESE-Office of Childhood-Afterschool Programs is currently seeking interested applicants for the position of Program Assistant (Supervisor) within the Afterschool Programs team. If you, or anyone you know, may be interested in this position, please see...

4-H Youth in Action Award 
by Cindy Heislen
 2/10/2022 9:21 AM

It’s that time of year again – time for all 4-H youth ages 15-19 to apply to be a 2023 4-H Youth in Action Award winner! Now is the chance for 4-H’ers across the nation to tell us how they're impacting their communities through service and leadership....

STEM Educator Symposium - March 1, 2022 
by Cindy Heislen
 2/9/2022 10:22 AM

The ​STEM Educator Symposium will be hosted by the Missouri AfterSchool Network (MASN) and the Missouri Math and Science Coalition during STEM Week.

The STEM Symposium will be held virtually on Tuesday, March 1, 2022.   

Reminder: Show Me Afterschool Day - February 15, 2022 
by Cindy Heislen
 2/9/2022 10:18 AM

Join the Missouri AfterSchool Network (MASN) at the Missouri Capitol to educate policymakers about the benefits of afterschool and resources youth and programs need to succeed! For more information and to register, please visit this link: 

Call for External Evaluators 
by Cindy Heislen
 2/9/2022 10:10 AM

Are you or anyone you know interested in becomming a certified afterschool evaluator? Please see the link below for details on requirements and how to get certified.

Additionally, if you are a current certified external evaluator there will be a 'refresher'...

Childhood Connections E-Newsletter 
by Cindy Heislen
 2/8/2022 12:33 PM

The latest edition of Childhood Connections is now available! This e-newsletter is the primary mechanism the DESE Office of Childhood uses to send important reminders, announcements, news, and general updates about childhood programs, including child...

Youth Development Credential - Coming SoonAttachment 
by Cindy Heislen
 2/8/2022 8:28 AM

The state has set aside Coronavirus Response and Relief Supplemental Appropriations (CRRSA) funds for 1,000 Youth Development Credentials (YDC).​ Please consider earning your YDC in 2022! Scholarship recruitment and applications will begin in early

CRRSA Opportunities 
by Cindy Heislen
 1/7/2022 3:18 PM

We encourage you to go to the DESE Office of Childhood’s Child Care Relief Funds website for more information about the following CRRSA opportunities:

  • ** Communities/schools wanting to start an afterschool program**  Start-Up/Expansion/Enhancement...
New Child Care Relief Funds Application Available 
by Cindy Heislen
 1/7/2022 3:14 PM

The Office of Childhood is pleased to announce another Non-Traditional Hours of Care funding opportunity for child care providers. These funds allow for reimbursement to child care providers who cared for children during non-traditional hours between...

Show Me Afterschool Day 
by Cindy Heislen
 1/7/2022 2:20 PM

Do you want to help educate about Afterschool? The Missouri AfterSchool Network (MASN) will be hosting the Show Me Afterschool Day on February 15. Please go to their website for more information at or contact Natalie Hampton at​

Youth Development Credential 
by Cindy Heislen
 1/7/2022 1:28 PM

The state has set aside Coronavirus Response and Relief Supplemental Appropriations (CRRSA) funds for 1,000 Youth Development Credentials (YDC).​ Please consider earning your YDC in 2022! Scholarship recruitment and applications will begin in January...

Missing Children Poster Contest - For Fifth GradersAttachment 
by Cindy Heislen
 12/1/2021 8:11 AM

​Please read the attached flier for details, deadline, prize, etc. 

Lights On Afterschool Proclamation - 2021Attachment 
by Cindy Heislen
 10/28/2021 1:56 PM

Please find attached a copy of the 2021 proclamation for the annual Lights On Afterschool day! Feel free to display a copy of this at your event.​

Statewide Afterschool Evaluations 
by Cindy Heislen
 9/8/2021 8:52 AM

The portal section posting of all historical statewide evaluations of Missouri's afterschool program is currently down for reconstruction. It should all be resposted during October 2021. If you need anything from the evaluation in the meantime,...

Lights On Afterschool - Coming Soon! 
by Cindy Heislen
 9/1/2021 3:28 PM

Are you registered for this national event?​ The national day of afterschool awareness ​is right around the corner, October 28, 2021. Do you have an event planned? Have you registered your event with the Afterschool Alliance? Remember, you don't...

External Organizations 
by Cindy Heislen
 6/7/2022 1:32 PM

Per the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), Title IV, Part B, 21st Century Community Learning Center (21st CCLC), the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) is required to provide a list of prescreened external 

Missouri AfterSchool Network YouTube Page 
by Cindy Heislen
 5/25/2021 12:20 PM

Have you visited the Missouri AfterSchool Network YouTube page lately? You will find lots of engaging videos there to help you with your afterschool program and inspire you to try new ideas with the students you serve. Highlights include the “COVID”...

Virtual Tours of Missouri State Capitol 
by Cindy Heislen
 1/26/2021 12:10 PM

The Missouri State Museum is excited to announce the launch of its Virtual Capitol Tour videos. This video series is a great introduction to the history and artworks of the Capitol. You will see some of the government and historic resources found in the...


 Fast Five Friday


 Grant & Funding Opportunties

Afterschool Meals Grants 
by Cindy Heislen
 5/17/2022 10:21 AM

No Kid Hungry Missouri, a project of the Missouri Family and Community Trust and the MU Center for Health Policy, offers competitive grants of up to $5,000 to increase access to afterschool meals programs supported through the USDA's...

Cultivating Students' Interest in Cryptography and Cybersecurity Education Grant 
by Cindy Heislen
 4/29/2022 8:04 AM

A team from the University of Florida and researchers for a NSF ITEST grant entitled Cultivating Students’ Interest in Cryptography and Cybersecurity Education and Careers (Award Abstract #1849768) have developed an afterschool curriculum CryptoComics

AmeriCorps Funding - Application Now Open 
by Cindy Heislen
 2/10/2022 9:36 AM

The Missouri Community Service Commission (MCSC) is now seeking applications for the 2022-2023 AmeriCorps program.

Applications are due by March 20, 2022.

To learn how to apply for AmeriCorps funding, please visit​

Child Care Relief Funding 
by Cindy Heislen
 1/7/2022 3:18 PM

Be sure to check out the column to the left "Other Announcements" for a few postings about possible Child Care Relief Dollars now available.​

New York Life Foundation 
by Cindy Heislen
 12/1/2021 12:36 PM

The New York Life Foundation is seeking applications from afterschool, summer, or expanded learning programs serving middle-school youth. In total, $1.8 million in grants will be awarded to programs all across the country. This is the sixth year of the...

Youth Changing the World Grant 
by Cindy Heislen
 8/31/2021 9:04 AM

With generous support from the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation, YSA will award Afterschool Grants of up to $500 each to support youth service or service-learning in afterschool programs.

New York Life Foundation Excellence in Summer Learning Award or Founder’s Award 
by Cindy Heislen
 8/31/2021 9:00 AM

Both the New York Life Foundation Excellence in Summer Learning Award and Founder’s Award recognize outstanding summer programs or models that demonstrate excellence in accelerating academic achievement and promoting healthy development...

Pets in the Classroom Grant 
by Cindy Heislen
 8/31/2021 8:56 AM

These grants are intended to support pets or aquariums in the classroom for the purposes of teaching children to bond with and care for their pets responsibly. The welfare of the small animals involved is of paramount importance. These grants must not...

John Templeton Foundation - Opportunity for Nonprofit Organizations 
by Cindy Heislen
 8/31/2021 9:13 AM

The John Templeton Foundation serves as a philanthropic catalyst for discoveries relating to the deepest and most perplexing questions facing humankind. The Foundation's most recent request for proposals, "Character Through Community," will...