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DESE Portal for Afterschool Programs


Procedures and Report Forms
DESE Portal for Afterschool Programs

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 Opening Word Documents - Instructions

To open Word documents please click on cancel when prompted for a user id and password -- you do NOT need to enter user id/password anywhere in the Portal.  After you hit cancel (one or more times) the Word document will open.

 Procedures/Policies/Other Guidance

21CCLC-SAC Spending Guidelines.pdf21CCLC-SAC Spending Guidelines
Afterschool Grant Reference Guide.pdfAfterschool Grant Reference Guide
Allowability Procedures-Extended Learning Section.pdfAllowability Procedures-Extended Learning Section
Closeout Procedures.pdfCloseout Procedures
Coding Expenditures for Afterschool - LEAs (rvsd 8-14-19).pdfCoding Expenditures for Afterschool - LEAs (rvsd 8-14-19)
Compliance Procedures for Subgrantee Risk and Monitoring.pdfCompliance Procedures for Subgrantee Risk and Monitoring
Continuation Report Procedures.pdfContinuation Report Procedures
Core Data - Instructions for Entering Data.pdfCore Data - Instructions for Entering Data
Corona Virus Update for Programs 3-19-20.pdfCorona Virus Update for Programs 3-19-20
CPR First Aid Requirements -Changing.pdfCPR First Aid Requirements -Changing
ePeGS Assistance Guide (Afterschool).pdfePeGS Assistance Guide (Afterschool)
Expanded Learning Time Procedures.pdfExpanded Learning Time Procedures
Extended Learning's Procedures for Processing Financial Forms.pdfExtended Learning's Procedures for Processing Financial Forms
External Organizations Approved List.pdfExternal Organizations Approved List
Federal Award Identification - SAMPLE.pdfFederal Award Identification - SAMPLE
Federal Funds Disclosure Information (21st CCLC)- SAMPLE.pdfFederal Funds Disclosure Information (21st CCLC)- SAMPLE
Federal Funds Disclosure Information (SAC) - SAMPLE.pdfFederal Funds Disclosure Information (SAC) - SAMPLE
Fingerprinting Fact Sheet.pdfFingerprinting Fact Sheet
Food Policy.pdfFood Policy
General Federal Fiscal Guidance (Rvsd July 2019).pdfGeneral Federal Fiscal Guidance (Rvsd July 2019)
Laws, Regs and Guidance.pdfLaws, Regs and Guidance
Licensing - What is Involved to Become a Licensed Program.pdfLicensing - What is Involved to Become a Licensed Program
MOPD ID and Training Information (8-22-18).pdfMOPD ID and Training Information (8-22-18)
Program Income- Parent-Participation Fees REVISED Feb 2019.pdfProgram Income- Parent-Participation Fees REVISED Feb 2019
Project Codes for Afterschool Grants.pdfProject Codes for Afterschool Grants
Reimbursement Payment Procedures.pdfReimbursement Payment Procedures
Renewability for 21st CCLC.pdfRenewability for 21st CCLC
Show Me Standards Placemat.pdfShow Me Standards Placemat
Standards vs Curriculum.pdfStandards vs Curriculum
Students with Individualized Education Programs.pdfStudents with Individualized Education Programs
Sustainability Toolkit - 12-11-13.pdfSustainability Toolkit - 12-11-13
Time and Effort Reporting Guidelines (Afterschool).pdfTime and Effort Reporting Guidelines (Afterschool)
Travel Costs and Justification.pdfTravel Costs and Justification
Web resources list (updated 3-27-18).pdfWeb resources list (updated 3-27-18)

 Monitoring - 21st CCLC and SAC

On-Site Monitoring Tool-SAC (rvsd 6-2020).docOn-Site Monitoring Tool-SAC (rvsd 6-2020)
On-Site Monitoring Tool-CCLC (rvsd 6-2020).docOn-Site Monitoring Tool-CCLC (rvsd 6-2020)
2019-20 Monitoring Schedule (rvsd 3-19-2020).pdf2019-20 Monitoring Schedule (rvsd 3-19-2020)
User Access Request Form for CBOs - New June 2018.pdfUser Access Request Form for CBOs - New June 2018
Self-Assessment Upload List (rev 1-28-20).pdfSelf-Assessment Upload List (rev 1-28-20)
Monitoring Process.pdfMonitoring Process
UGG Policy  Procedure Checklist - updated 3-7-19.pdfUGG Policy Procedure Checklist - updated 3-7-19
Monitoring Cohort Groups (19-20).pdfMonitoring Cohort Groups (19-20)
Tiered Monitoring System - Access and Usage.pdfTiered Monitoring System - Access and Usage
How to Upload Policies and Procedures to the Global Document Repository.pdfHow to Upload Policies and Procedures to the Global Document Repository

 Certified Evaluator & Evaluation Process

2018-19 Slides 4-11-19 - Updates to the Revised Evaluation Framework.pdf2018-19 Slides 4-11-19 - Updates to the Revised Evaluation Framework
2018-2023 Evaluation Rubric - updated 4-11-19.pdf2018-2023 Evaluation Rubric - updated 4-11-19
2019-20 Certified Local Evaluators.pdf2019-20 Certified Local Evaluators
Amanda Coggeshall.pdfAmanda Coggeshall
Basic Coding of Missouri Learning Standards - May 2020.xlsxBasic Coding of Missouri Learning Standards - May 2020
Cheryle Martin.pdfCheryle Martin
Evaluation - Grantee Document Submission Information - 4-10-20.pdfEvaluation - Grantee Document Submission Information - 4-10-20
FY19 - SAMPLE 21st CCLC External Evaluation MOU.docxFY19 - SAMPLE 21st CCLC External Evaluation MOU
Grantee Document Submission information - 4-11-19.pdfGrantee Document Submission information - 4-11-19
Gwendolyn Squires.pdfGwendolyn Squires
Heather Edwards.pdfHeather Edwards
Jenny Frenzel.pdfJenny Frenzel
Jeri Levesque.pdfJeri Levesque
Jon Turner.pdfJon Turner
Kelly Jenkins.pdfKelly Jenkins
Marla Swindell.pdfMarla Swindell
Marlene Levine.pdfMarlene Levine
Nancy Lawler.pdfNancy Lawler
Nancy Twillman.pdfNancy Twillman
Natalie Bolton.pdfNatalie Bolton
(More Documents...)

 Report Forms - 21st CCLC and SAC

2019-20 List of Due Dates - COVID-19 Updates.pdf2019-20 List of Due Dates - COVID-19 UpdatesUpdated 2019-20 due dates as result of changes from COVID-19CCLC AND SAC
2019-2020 Cash Mgmt Plan Policy and Pay Req Form (assigned grantees only).doc2019-2020 Cash Mgmt Plan Policy and Pay Req Form (assigned grantees only)This is for assigned grantees only.CCLC AND SAC
Budget Amendment.pdfBudget AmendmentCCLC - CBOs ONLY (non-district/non-LEA). Due as needed-last submission 6/30/20; PRIOR approval required as some items/services may not be approved. LAST allowable submission for equipment and supplies is 3/25/20 (removed for 19-20 SY).CCLC (Only)
6/19/2020Continuation Report (CCLC) 20-21 PORTAL.pdfContinuation Report (CCLC) 20-21 PORTALYou must use Internet Explorer to complete this report. Please see guidance included for any changes.CCLC (Only)
6/19/2020Continuation Report (CCLC) 20-21.docxContinuation Report (CCLC) 20-21For those having trouble with the PDF versionCCLC (Only)
Continuation Report (Description).pdfContinuation Report (Description)CCLC AND SAC
7/15/2020Final Expenditure Report.pdfFinal Expenditure ReportCCLC - CBOs ONLY (non-district/non-LEA)CCLC (Only)
8/31/2020Final Program Report (SAC Only).pdfFinal Program Report (SAC Only)Deadline has been extended until August 31, 2020SAC (Only)
Key Staff Changes.pdfKey Staff ChangesDue as changes occurCCLC AND SAC
National Professional Development Request.pdfNational Professional Development RequestCCLC Only. Optional with prior approval required.CCLC (Only)
Private School Consultation Form.docPrivate School Consultation FormCCLC Only. Sample form - may be used for documentation of private school consultationCCLC (Only)
7/15/2020Program Evaluation Process and Timeline.pdfProgram Evaluation Process and TimelineCCLC Only. EXTENDED DUE DATE for the 2018-19 school year, see attached.CCLC (Only)
Request for Reimbursment.pdfRequest for ReimbursmentCCLC - CBOs ONLY (non-district/non-LEA)CCLC (Only)
SAC Reporting Changes - April 2020.pdfSAC Reporting Changes - April 2020For 2019-20 only due to COVID-19SAC (Only)
Single Audit Procedures.pdfSingle Audit ProceduresDue annually as applicable, CBO/FBO's must upload audit into DESE's Tiered Monitoring System under the audit portion (schools already upload). ALL must submit electronically to the Federal Audit Clearinghouse (FAC).CCLC AND SAC